samedi 21 juillet 2007

Connerie de Ludo - Mamie a des ennuis

C'est fou la vie. Ah j'vous jure...

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Anonyme a dit…

hello ludo
i hope this dustbin idea doesn't come from something you and your flatmates did to your neighbour!!
nothing really new in the trieves...apart from the return of bad weather, my garden is happy to be watered naturally!! guillaume was here for the weekend and he went to see the plants that you two planted near the ebron river: they are doing well apparently!
are you still keen on going to the amanins this autumn? we should try and organise a week where we can go together.
hope work is ok
stay as you are crazy ludo

laurie a dit…

hi ludo
i've put a pic of my largest zucchini of the summer (so far) on my blog, if you wanna have a look
hope you aren't too hot in grenoble these days
i've got friends coming for 10 days but then you can come back up for some fresh air if you want.
i heard that we get all the worst pollution from grenoble in the trieves, since the most dangerous gazes are the ones that rise above the smog that sits upon the city and the winds carry them to our altitude: thanks grenoble for sending us your muck!!! so keep on planting on your balcony, your plants can suck in some of the pollution (maybe!!)
take care

Anonyme a dit…

ludo, on y va quand aux amanins?
je te propose octobre....faudrait peut etre "réserver"??
hope you're doing well
luv, lo